Notice to visiting riders

The BayWest BUG welcomes visitors to join our rides and meet our group. This gives new riders to the BUG
the opportunity to sound us out without commitment. After two or three rides visiting riders will be well placed
to decide whether or not to join the BUG as full members. If you haven’t done so already, please take the
time to visit our website www.baywestbug.org.au which will give you an overview of our activities and
describe many of our past and future rides.
Before you start your ride, we will brief you on riding in a group and advise you on safety aspects. In general,
we keep to shared paths however there will be exceptions when we must cycle on roads for short distances.
We do require visiting riders to play their part to ensure that the ride is a pleasant experience for one and all.
What does this mean? Put simply;

  1. Your bicycle must be roadworthy and legally compliant in all respects and be fitted appropriately to the
    size of the individual.
  2. You will need to wear a well-fitted helmet and are advised to bring suitable weather protection for the
  3. Riders must feel confident that they are capable of completing the ride they wish to join (as described
    on the BUG “Open” facebook page), cycling at a speed of up to 20 kph and averaging 15 km in the
  4. Bring water, sun protection and any medication and/or rehydration needs.
  5. Bring money/credit card (refreshments, punt charges, etc), a charged mobile phone (to keep the Lead
    Rider informed of unanticipated changes) and a MYKI card (should you need to leave the ride).
  6. Bring a new tyre inner tube for the size stated on the side wall of the tyre carcass.
  7. Should you be returning to cycling after a long absence, go for individual rides to reacquaint yourself
    before joining one of out BUG rides.
  8. You are strongly advised to reacquaint yourself with Victoria’s bike laws
  9. Ensure you inform the designated Lead Rider in good time that you wish to join a specific ride.
  10. Consider taking out third party insurance to cover you against any damage to other persons and/ or
    their property. The BayWest BUG does not provide insurance cover

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