Australian Cyclist
General interest cycling magazine
Bicycle Network
We believe physical activity is vital for a happy, healthy life. So we make bike riding part of every day. Our strategy is to make bike riding easy for everyone.
Bicycle Tutor
Step by step videos from a good mechanic about maintaining your bike.
Bicycles Network Australia
A collection of links to Australian cycling
City of Wyndham Bike Paths
Bike Paths & Walking Trails in the City of Wyndham
Cycle Safety Australia
Actively promotes the safety of cyclists in Australia both on and off-road. Strong advocates for National road rules and improved cycle infrastructure. A portal for all Australian road rules, lawyers, insurance and safety products is available.
Cycling Promotion Fund
An organisation dedicated to promoting cycling in Australia
Local Knowledge
Links to local places
Railtrails Australia
Information about Australian rail trails
Sheldon Brown
All things bicycles!
VicRoads Bicycle Portal
Maps, laws, and policies…


A neighbouring user group in the City of Brimbank

Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club

A general-interest touring club

Parkiteer Services

Parkiteer helps you get around with free, secure bike parking at Victorian train stations and transport hubs.

Melbourne Weather Forecast
Provided by the Bureau of Meteorology
City of Wyndham Bike Paths
Bike Paths & Walking Trails in the City of Wyndham
Google Maps
Detailed maps of most of the world
Street Directory (Melway)
A free online Melway street directory
Bike Snob NYC
Home of the Seal of Disapproval
Cycling Tips
Written by Melburnian Wade Wallace, this blog answers the questions you never knew you needed to ask!