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Kororoit Trail Takes the Next Step

In a recent issue of the Bicycle Network newsletter, it was reported that design work for the final stage of the trail along Kororoit Creek will begin this year. This follows the completion of the stages between Grieve Pde and Barnes Rd in Altona North.

The West Gate Tunnel Project will be responsible for building the connection between Geelong Rd and Blackshaws Rd. The final stage from Barnes Rd to the Bay Trail on the coast in Altona, will need to cross the rail, pipeline corridor and Kororoit Creek Rd. This will have its difficulties.

It will however open Hobsons Bay coastal areas to bike visitors from all over Melbourne. Hobsons Bay City Council expects it will bring $5 million to the local economy, not to mention the social and health benefits.

We would like to thank Bicycle Network for the permission to reproduce this content.

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