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BUG Rides Update

It might be helpful to give you all a heads up on our rides program.

Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic.  This has led to a Committee decision to limit our rides to the local area until there is an easing of restrictions. However with the ongoing spike this could last for some time or, worse, additional limitations may be imposed.  Further, the restrictions have some effect on when and where we can take refreshments and this element has to be factored in.  The Rides sub-committee is doing its best to find new and interesting rides that tick all the boxes but an increased level of repetition is inevitable.  

Secondly, the frequency of programmed rides.   As members will be aware, rides are programmed for the first and third Sunday of each month and this will continue while we can comply with the restrictions.  A longer term program will be circulated shortly, but is subject to change. 

In the interim, please note that the Sunday 19 July ride will be an Easy approx 30km ride.

The route will be from Altona Pier to the Cheetham Observation Tower and back to Waterstone Cafe, Sanctuary Lakes, for refreshments before returning to Altona Pier.

Thirdly, informal rides.  Occasionally, additional rides are being undertaken on an ad hoc basis, predominantly to trial new routes and to judge their potential popularity.  Members may see reference to them on our Facebook page from time to time.  They are arranged at short notice and may take place on any day of the week; consequently, they remain unadvertised.  Should any members wish to join these rides they are more than welcome; please contact me [0435 768777] and they will be given advance warning.  More the merrier is the message, here. 

Finally, there is an open invitation for members to submit details of their own favourite rides in the local neighbourhood offering added variety and expanding our Rides Register.

As always, please get in contact with me should you have any questions.

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