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Report Unsafe Cycling Spots

BikeSpot 2023 has launched across Australia – it’s time to make your mark!
We’ve expanded the BikeSpot map so that every Australian has the opportunity to say where they feel safe or unsafe while riding their bike.
With your support and input, the BikeSpot map will create a detailed picture of where people love to ride, and where upgrades are needed to make cycling safe for everyone.Go to the BikeSpot map!We want to hear from people who ride their bike to work, parents who do drop-offs on the bike, folks who ride for fun or fitness, kids who ride to school and delivery riders.
No matter the reason, we want to hear about your ride.
The data generated from the project will be made publicly available to help ensure BikeSpot insights have the biggest impact possible in making cycling safe for everyone.
The Amy Gillett Foundation will also work with your local government to make sure they see the BikeSpot map. We’ll connect them with tools and resources so they can fix your local bike routes and make cycling safe for everyone in your community.
BikeSpot is only open for a limited time, so go to bikespot.org and add your spot to the map!
BikeSpot 2023 is a collaboration between the Amy Gillett Foundation and CrowdSpot to crowdsource perceptions of cycling safety across Australia. The project is funded by the Australian Government as part of the Safe Cycling Program.

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