For the path pedaller 18 years and older interested in fun, friends, and coffee, we usually do two social rides per month, suitable for most abilities. Most of these rides follow or cross Melbourne’s rail system. If riders are new to riding and are finding it difficult, they can catch a train home; you can build your cycling ability over time.

Every so often we get a little more adventurous and explore Victoria on a weekend ride, such as a Lilydale to Warburton overnight trip.

All rides are free and open to anyone who would like to participate. After two rides, we ask you to become a member of BayWest BUG.

All rides have a “Ride Leader and Ride Tail Rider”. Please stay with your ride leader. Should you have any issue while on a ride, such as with your bike or you are falling behind, your ride tail rider will contact our ride leader.

All riders must abide by our Code of Conduct.

We ask that all riders program their mobile phone with an “ICE” [In Case of Emergency] contact number[s] so that we can contact someone for you in an emergency.

If the weather is inclement, please contact the ride leader to check if the ride is on. Please also note that rides may be altered due to circumstances beyond our control. Please check our website, it will be updated as soon as possible to advise any change.

In all cases, please contact the day’s nominated lead rider to confirm that you wish to join the ride.

Latest ride news...

Meet at Newport Station platform 1 at 9.45 a.m. and train to Darebin station (approx. 55min), roll down Heidelberg Road a few hundred metres to start the Darebin Creek Trail. Follow the trail north along the picturesque creek approximately 15km to the Ring Road Trail, head west a few kilometres to pick up the Merri Creek Trail. Follow this even more delightful trail south past Coburg Lake to Ceres for lunch (approx. 30km from start). Continue on Merri Creek Trail a few kilometres to Rushall station to return home, or for those wishing to continue, pick up the Capital City Trail, then onto the Bay Trail and home, a further 15km to Newport. Bail out points from the Merri Trail to Batman or other stations on the Upfield line.

Medium. Approx. 50km.

Contact – Peter [0419 257 922]

Meet at Hoppers Crossing Station at 10 a.m. Head north then west, following Skeleton Creek and Tarneit Creek through the delightful Tarneit wetlands to the Werribee River Path, and on to Werribee for lunch. Return to Hoppers Crossing via the Federation Trail. Some local roads at Tarneit.

Easy. Approx. 35km.

Contact – John D. [0408 663 376]

Meet at 10 a.m. at Newport Station, on the east side. Head north on the Bay Trail and then follow the Maribyrnong Trail past the switchback and turn off, heading north along Steele Creek to Valley Lake. Return by the same route stopping at Anglers Tavern or Happy River cafe for lunch.

Medium. Approximately 35km, traverse switchback twice.

Contact – John S. [0435 768 777]

Meet at Newport Station, on the east side, at 9.30am, and head to the Maribyrnong trail, past Canning Reserve and on to Brimbank Park (Brownstone Café) for lunch. Return by the Ring Road trail and Kororoit Creek trail. Option to train home from Sunshine. Some gravel paths.

Hard. Approx. 65km.

Contact – Peter [0419 257 922]

Meet at Altona Pier at 10 a.m. and ride the Bay Trail and Maribyrnong Trail to Kensington. Lunch at the White Rabbit. Return by the same route.

Easy. Approx. 45km.

Contact – Lori [ 0448 552 353]

Meet at Flinders Street Station (Information Kiosk) at 9.30 a.m. and train to East Camberwell. Head north and east along the Anniversary trail through Canterbury, Balwyn, and Kew to meet the Yarra Trail. Join the Merri Creek trail and Capital City trail back to Newport. Option to train home early. Refreshments along the way.

Medium. Approx. 40km.

Contact – Peter [0419 257 922]

Meet at Altona Pier at 10 a.m. Follow the Bay Trail to Maddox Road, then head through local roads to The Aveue and onto the Federation Trail. Follow to Kororoit Creek Trail and onto Sunshine. Return by train from Sunshine or West Footscray (via Sunshine Path).

Easy. Approx. 40km.

Contact – John S. [0435 768 777]

Meet at Flinders Street Station (information kiosk) at 10 a.m. Take the Sandridge Rail Trail to Port Melbourne, then the scenic Bay Trail east to Mordialloc. Plenty of lunch opportunities along the way. Return by train.

Easy. Approx. 33km.

Contact – Lori [ 0448 552 353]

Meet at the Punt at 10a.m., then onto Port Melbourne. Take the Sandridge Trail to Docklands, and then onto Foostcray and Newport. Refreshments at Docklands.

Easy. Approx. 30km.

Contact – John S. [0435 768 777]

Meet at Flinders Street Station (information kiosk) at 9.30  a.m. and train to Ringwood (approx. 1 hour). Ride through the delightful Mullum Mullum Valley, onto the Koonung Trail, and then to the Main Yarra Trail to the city. Return via train from Flinders Street, or at Dights Falls ride home via Merri Creek and Capital City Trails. Plenty of lunch options along the way.

Approx. 40km to Newport. Hard – a steep hill or two in the Mullum Mullum Valley.

Contact – Peter [0419 257 922]

Meet at the Altona Pier at 10 a.m. Head west along the Bay Trail and onto the Skeleton Creek Trail and then Palmers Road to the Federation Trail, heading west to Hoppers Crossing. Return by train. Refreshments at Point Cook along the way.

Easy. Approx. 30km.

Contact – John D. [0408 663 376]

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