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Meet at Newport Station platform 1 at 9.45 a.m. and train to Darebin station (approx. 55min), roll down Heidelberg Road a few hundred metres to start the Darebin Creek Trail. Follow the trail north along the picturesque creek approximately 15km to the Ring Road Trail, head west a few kilometres to pick up the Merri Creek Trail. Follow this even more delightful trail south past Coburg Lake to Ceres for lunch (approx. 30km from start). Continue on Merri Creek Trail a few kilometres to Rushall station to return home, or for those wishing to continue, pick up the Capital City Trail, then onto the Bay Trail and home, a further 15km to Newport. Bail out points from the Merri Trail to Batman or other stations on the Upfield line.

Medium. Approx. 50km.

Contact – Peter [0419 257 922]