Thursday 31 October 2019 – Heidelberg to Diamond Creek

Meet at TBA and train to Heidelberg. From Heidelberg, we ride down Yarra Street to the Main Yarra Trail, and cycle along the trail through the City of Banyule, following the river past wetlands and a picturesque view of Finns Reserve, to Westerfolds Park. Follow the trail near the river through Westerfolds, crossing a newish bridge over the Yarra and head to Eltham.

There are two or three lunch spots in Eltham, or just north, to choose from, or alternatively for a longer ride, we can continue on the track to Diamond Creek, lunching there or returning to Eltham for lunch. Return home by train from Eltham, or cycle back to Heidelberg.

Medium. Approx. 42km.

Contact: Peter [0419 257 922]

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