How To Lock Up Your Bike

Bicycle Network’s on line magazine, In The Loop, recently had an article on how to lock up your bike that I thought might be of interest to members. It included a good you tube video.

The best way to protect your bike from being stolen is to use high quality locks. Bicycle Network recommends this whether your bike is left in a public place, or even on your porch at home. We know it’s not always convenient to carry two locks, but if you are able to, we do it recommend it, so have included instructions on how to use two locks.

This instructional video shows you how to safely lock up your bike to a freestanding hoop in a public place. It has been filmed at a railway station because they are one of the most common places for bike theft.

For the most secure option at railway stations, we recommend using a Parkiteer cage if there is one available. Thank you to Bicycle Network for the permission to use their material.

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